28 December 2011

A crumpled soul.

She now lived in one of the monasteries situated in the remote areas amidst the snow clad mountains.
It was a place not many people knew about.
The placidity and serenity of the place always comforted her soul.
She was convinced that she could stay there till her her breath lasted, unidentified.
No one knew who she was, where she had come from or what had made her come there. And no one bothered to question her about all of that either for she seemed to be a hurt, unaided yet content soul. She smiled. She smiled all the time.
As she stood there amidst the scenic rocks, she experienced a sense of protection.
She had spent all her life in obeying commands, undergoing disrespectful sacrifices and prejudices of hopes which never lasted long. She had been considered ignoble.
Until last fortnight, she had nothing to live for.
She now had a heart devoid of emotions. Her heart which was once fragile was broken into pieces. And the pieces were broken into many more pieces. Only she knew how she had sailed through. Or probably docked her way out.
But none of it mattered now.
She was away from all the pain, slavery, misery and sacrifices.
She loved this mediocre place with a meager population.
It was better than the classy suite she once resided in.
Because here, she got a chance to live for herself.

18 December 2011

Art is like love.

Art is like love. It is easier to experience than define.
And even if you do end up defining it, your definition will never match someone else's.
It's something you can identify yourself with.
It's something you can create by thought.
It can never be wrong because it is personalized thought.
Art is a way of living.
We're all artists.
There's some art in the way you walk, the way you talk, the way you arrange your stuff on the table, in the way you unbutton your shirts, in the way you keep food inside a box, in the way a person sells vegetables, in the way you write. There's art in everything.
Look around. Notice.
Art is not limited to paper and paint brushes.
It's something that is much beyond that.

04 November 2011

One more heart that was stopped.

Month one:
I am only 3/4th of an inch long.
But I have all my organs.
I LOOVE the sound of your voice :)
Every time I hear it,
I wave my arms and legs ^__^
The sound of your heart beat is my favorite lullaby.

Month two:
Today I learned how to suck my thumb :O
If you could see me,
You could definitely tell that I am a baby.
I'm not big enough to survive outside my home though.
It is so nice and warm in here.

Month three:
You know what Mummy?
I am a GIRL! :D
I hope that makes you happy :)
I always want you to be happy.
I don't like it when you cry :(
You sound so sad.
It makes me sad too :'(
And I cry with you..
Even though you can't hear me.

Month four:
My hair is starting to grow.
It is very short and fine.
But I will have a lot of it.
I spend a lot of time exercising.
I can turn my head and curl my fingers and toes..
And stretch my arms and legs ^_^
I'm becoming quite good at it B-)

Month five:
You went to the doctor today.
Mummy, he lied to you.
He said that I'm not a baby :O
I'm a baby mummy, I am your baby.
I think and I feel.
Mummy, what's abortion?

Month six:
I can hear the doctor again.
I don't like him.
He seems cold and heartless.
Something is intruding my home.
The doctor called it a needle.
Mummy what's it?
It burns. :(
Please mummy please, make him stop.
I can't get away from it!
Please mummy please, help me :'(

Month seven:
I am okay.
I am in God's arms. O:)
He is holding me.
He told me about abortion.
Why din't you want me mummy?

Every abortion is just..
One more heart that was stopped.
Two more eyes that will never see.
Two more hands that will never touch.
Two more legs that will never run.
One more mouth that will never speak.

"But I feel that the greatest destroyer of peace today is abortion, because it is a war against the child - a direct killing of the innocent child - murder by the mother herself. And if we accept that a mother can kill even her own child, how can we tell other people not to kill one another?" - Mother Teresa.

^PS. This is one of the most touching forwards that I have ever come across.
I just HAD to share it with everyone. :)
So I modified it a little and posted.

25 October 2011

Because you're my diamond in the rough. :)

S., Spring onions, Agent Shaggyetc,
(^PS. All in one. They're her alter egos! :P)

Natural photu. ^_^  THAT'S US! :D 
(At Carters)

They say that good things take time..
But really great things happen in the blink of an eye.
Thought the chances to meet somebody like you were a million to one,
I can't believe it (Actually i can :P)..
You're one in a million :) :*

That post made me cry, you silly freak.
(^follow her! ^_^ She's amazing!)
AND I LOVEEEEEEEEEE the video. *Major love*
I feel so special. :')
The advertisement- Doesn't it feel good, when someone makes you feel special?
Hell yeah, it does. :)

And this reply, is exactly the way I feel right now. (No puns,baby! :P)

I still remember the sarcastic "get-a-life" looks we "used to throw at each other in school.
And how we used to hate each other because my "so-called-best friend" was your enemy.
(And how we discuss about this at least once in a month :P)

When we became friends, I was probably undergoing the worst phase of my life.
When we first met, I probably thought that you would make me feel unwanted, outright.
But things turned out to be quite different :O
It had just been 30 minutes and we were posing and clicking pictures. *click click*
What's up bitch? B-).. *oh we look constipated*
(I know you just went OMG ^_^)

And that's where the great 'hair set-smile-click' system begun. XD And then we started getting closer, exchanged numbers, texted stupid stuff and spoke random shit. We figured that we had quite a few similarities and I was SURPRISED :O

The summer vacation (that we keep talking about) have probably been the BEST times of our lives. Meeting early in the morning and parting in the night (8 o clock curfews :P) and going all "OMG, it's 730 ALREADY?!!" and afternoons which we would spend at the malls gawking at hot guys. *drools*


 Naive us. :O

Life has never really been easy on you. But I always loved the way you faced it (except for that one time)
Even though you have cried, you've sailed through.
What I love about you the most, is that you are a family person. :)
In spite of all the major ups and downs you've had, you've been a very strong girl. Very very strong.
You will go out of your way, just to hear your daddy say "I am proud of you" and your mom say "You've been spending your day constructively".. How a little shouting makes you cry, makes you feel like the worst daughter on earth and makes you want to prove them wrong! The way you say "They think I don't study? Now you wait and watch, full time aisa padhungi na..I'll make sure they take their words back".. And well, you really do make sure! :)  
And how you take some time off and talk to Arjun, about everything. The way you've managed to be his best friend :) It's adorable. And the way you make him repeat- "Di, you are so lame"..I couldn't agree more :P
*"bitch"? I know ^_^* O:)

It takes a simple text for you to know that I'm crying, and I still don't know how?
Each time I've had a breakdown, you've sent those 6 page long texts to make me feel good about myself.
You make my sorrows lighter. 
And those quotes you dedicate..


I wish I was friends with you from a very young age,
But I guess it's okay because even though you came in late, you made it worth the wait!
You have just been there for me on every step. You've helped me take life day by day.
You've spent hours with me at CCD, just to hear me rant about how SuSP a friend at college is.
We're at a level where I can talk to you about anything without thinking. I won't even have a second thought about you judging me as a person, because I know you've accepted me the way I really am. :)
When I cried over a stupid crush or embarrassed myself to death, you've been there to make me laugh and well, laugh at me.
For the way we bitch about everyone. Each and everyone.
For being the motherly person you are-forcing me to eat,sleep,study,practice properly. 
For being the one who gives me reality checks- Sarcasm, ironies, don't I know-s?, look whose talking-s!
For mocking me to death after seeing me doing something stupid and for those endless lists of songs that you thought I should hear, for saying stupid things just to make me smile and for making me feel like my existence counts, you've been a GREAT friend. : )

Times when boredom lead to photo sessions and the "WE WILL DEEPEE THAAAAT!" shouts!
Creative-ness. O:)

From tea shots to 'tequila' shots (one tequila, two tequila, three tequila, FLOOR!)
Nights when we partied our asses off and spoke bull shit on our way back home. *embarrassed smiley*
Eating dairy milks to gain composure. ^_^

:La la la: 3:D

The epic sleepover's we've had, when we spoke our hearts out, cried, laughed over something stupid we did years ago and discussing about our future. The walks in the dark and the sitting on the floor :P
And as always, how you've never let me do stupid things...ALONE! 
The way every walk adds up a new story to our lives.
Evenings when we roamed in nana-nani park with Rahul and paid three bucks for the entry ticket, spending hours at the podium with Shar or making plans to somehow get Nishi out of her house.. We've been there, together. :)
Lazy afternoons and long long looooong conversations. Blasting our phone bills and calling it "Charity to vodafone"..
Those long texts with no spaces in between words or talking like some hot-shot models in LA! 
Dedicating songs like "Count on me- Bruno Mars".. "Breakaway-Kelly Clarkson"..
You've made me believe in myself and my dreams.
You make me feel like I can achieve anything. =)

Those taunts we threw at people who wore weird-se kapde and the way we laughed our asses off at people who were making out in CCD.
The 'fashionable' munda at CCD with his 'hawt' jeans. We died. :x
(PS. You knew I'd put it up :P)

The world has to know that you were discussing politics with your doctor during your surgery while all of us were freaked out and praying for you :O
"We were old enough and I was asking you to go back and read all our emails. I think I'm on a "make ishi cry-spree".. YOU AND YOUR DREAMS! :/

And about me crying over a broken nail..
You can never be the one to cry on a broken nail because well, you don't have any.
You feast on them. -.-
Gandi bacchi.
#OHYEAH! 3:)

Screenshots :D


Helping out on what to wear for a date! ^_^

No comments. :P


All the bull shit we talk, somehow does end up making sense.
To us at least.

Summing it up,
You've been there with me right from strumming the guitar and singing like a rockstar (to everyone, she really does sing well!), you've stopped my tears, made me smile and defined friendship.


'I hope you never fear those mountains in the distance,
Never settle for the path of least resistance,
Living might mean taking chances,
But they're worth taking.
Loving might be a mistake,
But it's worth making.
Don't let some hell bent,
Leave you bitter.
When you come close to selling out,
And when you get the choice to sit it out or dance,
I hope you'll dance.' 

:) :)
PS. ILoveYouSoSoSoMuch.
We are not the best of friends, but we are as close as close can get. 
And our friendship, is the prettiest bond..ever! :)

-Ishi/Agent Meow/Idli Sambhar etc. 
(The list goes on and on and on! ^_^)
Xoxo. :3

27 September 2011

Benefits of being ill.

1. You will be pampered like a queen.
2. You lie on the couch all day long and watch tv. Its called resting.
3. You live a mini-vacation.
4. You don't have to care much about not replying to texts, BBMs or responding to phone calls. No one will get mad at a patient.
5. Lying inside a blanket all day long seems perfect.

Okay, that's all for now. Any more advantages?

22 September 2011

On your sixteenth. =)

This one's for the girl who has changed from a friend to a sister. Through the ups and downs of life, we've seen each other grow as individuals and as smart asses. :P *self-praise alert!!*

Dear M,
I still remember the first time when we met. I was just 8 years old then, and you were 7 (okay,this sounds gay :|..) I was new to this place. I had no friends. As I entered the park, I saw many people but all in groups. I was scared. Would I be able to fit in? Would I be the one laughing and giggling around? Then finally *i don't remember how* we started talking. We din't really seem to like each other much and your existence hardly mattered to me.
There were times when we used to fight over silly things like "toonay cheating kiya", "aye cheater cock (Please rest your pervert brains, we were innocent kids then! :S)"
How I used to hate you for involving your mom in each and every tiff we used to have.
As time passed by we would all meet and play games like leg cricket, kabaddi (*dies*), badminton, we would all cycle early in the morning and have a cheerful girly time (We were friends with the people we now hate. *Ironies of life* O:)..)
After I shifted to Bangalore for a year, I forgot about you. You were just a friend who was my playmate (and our oh-so-awesome ego issues).
After I got back in 8th..we were in the same school bus (ftw :P) and we used to stand on the last seat and jump when the bus used to move on speed breakers and giggle about "my jump was higher than yours..(heehee!)". I obviously kept winning since I was taller, but you were too dumb to realize. You used to cry over that as well. *wicked laughter!!*
Oh wait, not only used to cry over each and every possible thing. Be it someone running away with your tiffin, a teacher chucking you out of class, someone pulling your pony tail or whatever. Name it and I remember you crying.
Our bonds strengthened as time went by. By the time I reached 10th (and you 9th) we were like those inseparable girls.. even though things weren't as perfect as they seemed to be.
When my best friend (you-know-who) finally deserted me, you were not there for me. And the way you admit that now tells me that you are going to regret it all your life. Shit happens.
After we started talking again, after getting over our one month was bad for me. I had to literally take all the efforts to bring you back to normal, and well I succeeded (I know I'm awesome B-)..)
I still remember you crying in public over your controversial first kiss. See, it has made you so strong now. :)

So basically, no shit could end our friendship. :)

We've been there for each other through heartbreaks, through tough family times, through pep-talks, calling up secretly at 1 in the night to give life updates, sharing stories, creating scenarios, insulting people, being bitches, talking fucked up shit that no one would ever understand, meeting to only transfer songs via bluetooth, crossing curfews, talking about people-who-need-to-get-a-life and blabbering utter non-sense and yet laughing, discussing old times and feeling naive, insulting each other and laughing wickedly, those oh-so-awesome COMEbacks (mind the spelling,you), to the pervert jokes that could make someone vomit, of disgracefully dressed up people, being a support system for each other and last moment meet ups. There's a lot more that could be written here, but that's it for now.

And yes, the greatest song ever that describes us-
"We've known each other since we were nine or ten 
Together we've climbed hills and trees
Learned of love and ABC's
Skinned our hearts and skinned our knees

-Seasons in the sun by Westlife.

And of course, the whole of "I'll be there for you"

"Even the very best friend isn't perfect.
Every friendship has it's shares of ups and downs..disappointments and discouragements. But the true test of friendship is whether it endures the hard times as well as the happy times. When you are truly best friends-when you have a friendship worth preserving-you learn how to voice your feelings with each other. You discuss how and when you've been hurt. You even cry together. Then you forgive, seal your friendship with a hug and continue on good terms with each other. That's how best friendship's are maintained over the years. Each little offence is dealt with and forgiven (and forgotten). The focus remains on the strength of the relationship: love, understanding, acceptance and loyalty. When you take time to work through differences and misunderstandings, the friendship grows stronger and sweeter. :') "

From the sensitive-innocent-cry baby you were to the awesomely (I'm admitting this for the first and the last time) smart yet pervert you've been loved. 

Happy Sixteenth,you.
You mean a lot to me. :)
Stay raw and be the amazing person you are.

P.S. I still hate your mom for 'manufacturing' you a year later than me.

Ishi :D

Note: M stands for the "finally-16" Mokshada :D


I edited this one last to last year. When I sucked at editing.
Location: School.

This comes from the gayest album ever, conversalicious :|

And now you have to suffer cause we have no recent picture together. 


06 September 2011

Emoticons yo. B)

What are the best things about emoticons?

 It can convey the rudest feelings in the most polite manner,ever.
Eg. "Fuck off, you moron." - Rude.
      "Fuck off, you moron :P" -Casual.

Also, they can convert the magnitude of feelings.
Eg. "I am so happy for you."
With emoticons- "I am so happy for you :D :* \:D/"

They express sarcasm- O:)

Girls will spend hours in front of the mirror reflexively, but when we go to meet our friends we'll dress up in rag-like clothes and tie our hair in the most convenient and maid-like way possible.
Being sensitive is totally our thing.
*Yes! Random thoughts*

I got my college I-Card today. Outright sucky picture :'(

And I hence declare,
This is what a 50 minutes Economics lecture does to me, yeah. |m| >.<

27 August 2011


Let's face this.
Someday when you need someone the most, that person will probably leave you. Mostly for someone else.
When you will want to step out of your way for someone, you might just face disappointment.
You will just keep facing the situations you want to avoid!
You will fail one or twice and probably sit back feeling unworthy and blame destiny. Don't.
Karma does exist. And will hit back at you irrespective of whether you believe in it or not.
When life will give you a second chance, take it. Not everyone gets it! Don't take it for granted.
Apologize, only when its needed. Seriously. Or you'll be expected to do so always.
At times you will really need to get a life!
You will cry and no one will care.

There's a line between not being egoistic and losing your self respect. You will cross it someday for someone whose unworthy.
People will take you for granted.
You'll make the wrong choice.
You'll repent and regret stuff in life.
You'll lose people.
Things will just not go your way.
You'll be heart broken.
Someone you love just won't love you back.
But that's how it is supposed to be.

Forever is a lie.
Biggest lie ever.

People will miss you only for a day or two after you die.

And for now, I'm over-flowing with pessimism. :|

PS. Steve Jobs resigned =(

PPS. Jan Lokpal Bill passed! Anna Hazare ftw. Mobocracy rules B) Booo you Government! XD

31 July 2011


I really love customizing my blog! :D
Over and over again.
I want to capture every moment into a memory!
I love having secret jokes.
I love putting up random sentences or lyrics as my BBM status.
I adore love stories.
I am very moody.
I love sending long texts and messages.
I sit by the window and watch the rains.
I skip heart beats when I see hot guys at the mall.
My favorite subject is Psychology.
I love imitating people. Teachers especially.
I am used to hi-fiving a lot. A LOT.
Over-reacting rules, at times.
I am extremely sentimental and sensitive.
I have many best friends. But only a few who have become like family.
I enjoy socializing,
I believe that every one has a story to tell.
Nerd guys are cute.
I hate people who dress shabbily.
I detest overly egoistic souls.
I notice puns and ironies in every sentence.
I laugh, a lot.
I love having pep talks.
I can bake cake.
I love reading.
I love bro tips and hoe tips.
I want to visit the Bermuda Triangle.
I want to buy a house in the Himalayan Region.
I am fond of places which are by the sea.
MOD-Double trouble is my ultimate favorite delicacy in the world.
I strongly dislike tutti-frutti.

And I get bored very easily!

28 May 2011


I laugh a lot, even when it's not required.
I cry when I feel extremely happy.
I show that I don't care, but I do.
I pretend to be strong and dis-passioned, even when I'm extremely passionate but weak.
I talk a lot, when I'm nervous.
I goof up things and end up making a fool out of myself.
I try to go anti-love and end up falling in love, again.
I suck at expressing my feelings.
I love dancing in the rains and jumping in puddles, even though I behave in a sophisticated most of the times.
I realize the fact that people take advantage of me, but I don't do anything about it.
I know how it feels to be taken for granted, but somehow I end up at the same place again.
My self confidence doesn't take a minute to degrade, but I won't show.
I say I expect nothing, and people tend to believe that lie.
I behave unhurt even when I want people to realize their mistakes and apologize.
I behave all sorted, even when I'm messed up.

Not because I want to pretend, but because I love living in my own shell..

And, I love being random.

20 May 2011

Love at first sight.

So it all started with a plan.
A plan to meet.
A plan to meet, spend some quality time together and watch a movie.
And as time went by..

We saw..
An old man..
and then the focus turned..
Riding a bicycle with a captivating smile..
My heart melted.
His hair shined under the sunshine and I could have drowned in his eyes!ten million times!
He looked up and smiled..
And felt the breeze against his face.
Moments later, he parked his bicycle and entered school..

...Harvard Medical School.

Jim Sturgess, I love you.
And it's love at first sight! :')

 Love. <3

08 May 2011

It's your day, mom! :)

Here's to us mum! :D
To the ten thousand pet names you invented, to see my over-react to them every single time.
How you forced me to drink bournvita every morning and got me addicted to it.
For how you said "We need to talk?" every time I yelled.
For being psychic enough to understand the mood I was in.
For staring at my clothes and saying "Ye kya pehen liya :O" every time the combination looks disgusting,
For teasing me with random guys and saying "Oh. Your best friend" every time I spoke about some girl I hated.
For discussing about my childhood with Salonee and talking about the embarrassing things I did.
The way you say "Your birthday is mother's day for me." and stare at me when I say "awww".
For understanding my needs and fulfilling my demands.
For reading my mind and making life easier.
For bribing me with chocolate ice-cream after cancelling plans on me.
For saying "Pasand agaya?" every time I stared at a cute guy in the mall.
For the little secrets we share, and the crack inside jokes in front of dad.
The way we discuss about the people from our peer groups.
For being my permanent best friend.
For making me the kind of girl I am, today.
For imitating me when I'm irritated.
For calling me malnutritioned.
For boosting my confidence and controlling my ego.
And for many other things that have not been mentioned here.

I love you, mom.
And I always will.
Happy Mother's Day ♥ 

You are my superstar! ☆ 

27 April 2011

Decode it by selecting :P

"Everyone, at some point in their lives, wakes up in the middle of the night with the feeling that they are all alone in the world, and that nobody loves them now and that nobody will ever love them, and that they will never have a decent night’s sleep again and will spend their lives wandering blearily around a loveless landscape, hoping desperately that their circumstances will improve, but suspecting, in their heart of hearts, that they will remain unloved forever. The best thing to do in these circumstances is to wake somebody else up, so that they can feel this way, too.” -Lemony Snicket

18 April 2011

Just noticing.

It's about how we sail through every hard situation.
And then when another hard situation arises, we gather hope from the previous one.

The way we feel weak and strong both, while choosing between the right and the desired.

How we always keep cribbing about something we're not and ignore something that we are.

The way every person gives us at least one reason to be jealous of him/her.

How we always find someone whose more optimistic than we are, and someone whose life is worse than ours.

How the short one's die to get tall and how the tall one's wish that they weren't as tall as they are.

How people express their boredom in creative ways.
And then they get bored of getting bored.
And then bored of being bored of getting bored (& it goes on and on an on!)

Everyone has the ONE best friend in their life, who will be supportive through the right and the wrong.

People change with time and experiences. Some decisions make one stronger, while some soften the person.

The songs that I can relate to my life. I feel like the song had been written by extracting inspiration from my story.

How everyone has a different story to tell, a different promise to make..

How all the teens undergo the very same problems and still believe that theirs is of the highest magnitude.

How the funniest songs become the most  famous ones! (Baby, Friday etc..:P)

How movies inspire the way we look at life and give us hope.

The pictures we all click to capture the memories, the sentimental talks we have, the songs we relate, the secrets we share, the love that binds all of us, how we feel special on our birthdays..

Everyone has one trait that others go "Are-you-mad?" about :P
(Mine- i HATE surprises. Be it parties, gifts or visits.)

They way the definition of friendship changes from one person to another.

How one emoticon can express your mood.

The way people have irreplaceable people and relations : )

Was just noticing. :)

15 April 2011


After a point of time, you cannot be there for everyone. You need some time by yourself. You get tired of being the one at whom people throw mood-swings. Everything goes wrong. You just need mental peace, if not happiness.
After a point of time you feel like you just need to abscond to some place and get rid of everyone, everything.
You don't care about your present, future. It's just like the whole world is falling apart!
This feeling sucks, totally.

10 April 2011


I made that on MS Paint because I was bored.
Boredom makes me do unusual things.

I know I can hangout with friends etc. but I cannot do that ALL the time, can I?
Or maybe I can.

But for now,

PS. I miss school!

03 April 2011

Glory redefined!

We've seen history repeat itself!
We've seen a billion prayers getting answered..
We've experiences crucial heartbeats and tense moments while watching a game which is BEYOND religion..
We've seen faith show it's magic..


Hats off- Virat Kohli <3 Tenduu <3 YUVIII <3 GAUTAM!<3 and
HAIL OUR CAPTAIN MSD..and in fact ALL the players..for playing AS A TEAM!! :)

*sentimental moment!*
Live it everyone!! LIVE IT!

It's how every fan keeps following his player, keeps the faith intact and makes the Indian team confident during crucial moments!
It's just how our nation and it's population is! :)
Cricket craze, honey!

So today,
I saw a match on a big screen!
It was a blue day.
Everyone wore blue, painted faces, girls applied blue nail polish and all that!
And in the end the whole audience erupted with an applause!
People yelled, screamed, cried, aww-ed- Everyone had a different reaction, but every face expressed one emotion- PROUD TO BE AN INDIAN! :)

So here's to India, the Indian Cricket Team and it's glory- CHEERS! :)

PS. There's a lot more I would want to add to this.
But for now, I'm feeling too hyper and sensitive about the whole win!

PPS. I will write another continuation post for this one, soon. And I haven't uploaded the pictures I've clicked and google hasn't been updated about the win. So putting up a simple picture.

To the man of the match Dhoni and the man of the series, Yuvi.

This picture needs no description. He's the God of cricket.

To Kohli and Gautam!



28 March 2011

Abhi toh poori raat baki hai! =)

Exams! ^_^
The very first thing I hate about exams is their timing. I am forced to wake up early in the morning =(
But exams are good fun! =D
They keep you awake till 4 o clock in the night (not morning because it isn't morning for me till I wake up!=P) because you haven't studied a thing throughout the term.
You gulp in loads of coffee to keep yourself awake.
You make notes which you'll probably never read again!
You study for the heck of it.(to sail through the exam)
Exams ain't that bad.
You have friends messaging and calling you up all the time and asking if you're done with the syllabus.
And when you get a response that matches your situation, you feel relaxed. =D
("Of course I'm not done! I'm leaving half of them!")
It's about feeling relaxed during the day and panicking at night and cursing yourself for spending four hours on Facebook in spite of knowing that you had loads to cover.
How you suddenly feel nocturnal.
You curse yourself for bunking relentlessly, prioritizing everything else over the two chapters you are not able to get through, you can see flashbacks where you were having fun and neglecting your studies, etc.
But then,
Studying during the night before the exam and completing the syllabus is the most wonderful feeling EVER 
because you complete something in ten hours that others took months to complete! =D

And then when your paper hits off well, YOU FEEL LIKE A FRIGGING GENIUS! (and hence you decide to continue following the 'last-moment-studies-pattern')

(Not to mention that Etc. occurs in almost every answer and every example. I got some weird text saying 'Etc. = End Of Thinking Capacity'. Lol. =P)

PS. I wasted Saturday and Sunday doing time pass. And now I have Hindi tomorrow. 
I know I'll finish studying, because Salonee says  - अभी तोह पूरी रात  बाकी है!

PPS. It's fun writing Hindi words in English. ^_^ Kya baat! kya baat! =P 

19 March 2011

Is it okay?

Is it okay to blog when..
I'm mind fucked?
I'm undergoing mood swings?
I am jealous?
I could kill someone?
I cry?
I laugh like a sadist?
Life seems befuddled?
I feel cranky?
I laugh at myself?
I feel like a loser?
I feel like a loner?
I blame someone else?

Is it okay to blog even if I think that I suck at blogging?

Blog like no one's gonna read it?
Throw up all your feelings out here?

There's one amazing thing about blogging though.
If you maintain an anonymous profile and pour out all your feelings..You feel satisfied that someone you don't even know of, is going to read it and either relate it to his/her own life or not give a fuck about it.
And THAT has to be okay. :)

05 March 2011

It happens with everyone else too! ^_^

I am not the only one whose been betrayed by a friend. Even others have been.
I am not only one to suffer from heartbreak. Even others have to.
I cry, get moody, fight, feel lonely, suffer helplessly, cry before getting injected (faint after it!), give 100 reasons for not taking a medicine, secretly envy smarter people, bunk oral exams, behave like an egoistic bitch, refuse to apologize, feel like a sucker when it comes to blogging, feel like I cannot make friends, get wicked, throw my moodswings at my best friends, write silly rhymes, find idiotic ways to overcome boredom, read the same word so many times that it finally looks meaningless, feel alienated at times, crave for eating Maggi at dinner time, fail to understand a few jokes, get out-witted...but at one point of time even others have undergone/ will undergo all of this!
Every person has problems. I am not the only one.
At one point in life, every person realizes the importance of being strong and independent. Even I will!

It's not like I'm happy that others have problems.
It's just that seeing them get through those gives me hope and satisfaction.
I know that I am not the only one suffering and of course I do not own all the problems in the  world!

So whatever happens with me in life..
At a point of time...
Happens with everyone else too! ^___^

04 February 2011

And it all began with boredom.

11 am in the morning while travelling to college.
I was in a train, while Ria was in a bus!
[via texts]

Me: I is too bored. :P

I is too bored too :/
but what to do..
cannot be fun sitting beside,
a man in a skunk's hide.
NO offense to that guy,
my rudeness is a bit too high..
I guess at this lousy time..
My only source of fun is to rhyme.

So now let me tell you that your rhyme was a waste..
You are going to continue to undergo a helluva of haste..
The man's gonna formidably continue to stink..
So please change your seat before your nostrils shrink!
Wink wink! ^_^

Wink at him my ass!
My rhymes-dont you sass!
They always make me feel better..
They are no way going down the gutter!
Oh the smell is killing me..
When I come there you will see..
How relieved it is to be out of this fated monstro-sity,
and be finally ekdam free!

Ohmygod I tell you.I really know how you feel..
This lady sitting next to me..
Has applied oil that makes her stink!

What is she doing in my compartment?
Who gave her a first class pass? :O
If she doesn't get up fast..
My breath isn't gonna last!

I'm telling you our fate sucks..
We are both sitting besides these lousy shmucks..
Don't die oh friend of mine..
Don't worry you'll be fine..
Breathe through your mouth and concentrate on your rhyme..
You never know how fast it'll pass the time!
Brace yourself get ready for more..
Atleast she's not a whore! :P

Thank god she isn't a whore that shines..
Of sweat and sex throughout the night.
Oh how crucial moments can get..
Rise in intimacy, heat and breath! :P

Shit I rhymed pervert stuff!
But i swear this isn't a bluff..
Iki's gonna find understanding this tough..
What's up with us not attending lectures and stuff? :O

Lol yeah you did..
Of that man I finally got rid..
Now get out of that bleeding train..
Or from slapping you I won't refrain!

And it ended there because we finally met at the college gate :P

27 January 2011

Life. Random thoughts. Rantings.

LIFE.That's the word that no one can ever describe in an accurate manner.
It's just there!
Tragic, comedy, hectic, depressing, fun, miraculous, placid, happening, amazing, awesome, pathetic, horrible, horrendous etc.
(Varies from person to person, from mood to mood and from situation to situation.)
Every day, while I am doing nothing I get random thoughts.
(Ranging from philosophical statements to making plans of killing someone brutally.)

There are times when I hate everyone in the world.
Every person seems like a huge burden to me, to man-kind.
Everyone selfishly seems to be involved in their own problems. Expecting you to be there, but not being there for you.
Sounds so "Waav".

There are times when I just feel amazing for a being a person who tries to BE THERE for everyone.
No really. That feeling of trying also gives me content.

There are times when I listen to 'I'll be there for you' over and over again and go nostalgic like a mad cow.
No trust me, it really does give me happiness.
I love those 'flashbacks' I get.
They're one of the bestest things in the world!

I have this thing for dramatical responses.
They infuse some kind of an enthusiasm in me!
(^ Bare my randomness.)

I have a tendency to get sentimental over every single thing.
From being someone's bestfriend, to being hated by a person, on being a daughter, on being a Ruiaite to being an ex-tps-ite!
I'm just overflowing with sentiments!
And my friends.
They never get tired of saying 'kitna senti hoti hai bey!' or 'nautanki sali!' or 'Ishi, you deserve the Oscar! No you really do.'

Oh, and there are these chicks in my college who are high on Engl..

Ok. Chuck that.
I don't know what to write further.
So I'm going to end this post on an abrupt note!

Sayo Nara!