22 January 2013

Hoi. Now you know how to greet people in Dutch.

I've been away for a while now. Haven't been writing much. But from the last time I posted, things have changed. I have changed. There's so much more to life now, so much independence and responsibility. The joy of knowing that you can survive on your own in a place away from home.  Over the past 6 months that I've been away from home, I've realized how truly grateful I am, to my parents and best friends. They've motivated to be my best at everything I do. And everyday, I am improving. I've embraced art and design and I know, this is where I've always wanted to be. It feels wonderful. I've grown closer to my best friends because of the distance and become a better daughter too. I understand my parents a lot better now.

Sure I've had my set of downs here. Just yesterday, I almost lost a friend I used to very close to. Expectations clash. And sometimes, whatever you do isn't enough to keep a bond intact. So I learned that it's okay to let go. If I was how I used to be, I'd be saying sorry to make things okay somehow. But that's not how it always is or should be. Sometimes, the best you can do for someone and yourself is to part. Maybe sometimes, things ain't meant to be okay and all these instances are just lessons that'll help you grow stronger in life.

Must write frequently.

PS. Flickr addict. That explains the post title.