12 December 2010

Psyched up!

I love my 'oh-so-hectic life!'

What gives me happiness these days is college.
Cultural preparations.
New friends.
I now think that the definition of happiness certainly changes with time.
And it should.
Happiness is certainly something which comes by choice.
If you choose to be happy, you will be.

God, I feel so thoughtful at times.

05 December 2010

Crossing- roads and fun levels.

Life is back on track!

I feel amazing when college keeps me busy.
Cultural stuff is awesome.

December is such an eventful month.

It started with Kshitij '10 and then Mood-I is coming up! And then well of course, so is my college fest!

You get the most amazing feeling when you walk down the street with your friends, late at night laughing on the most retarded things ever. And oh yes, singing songs like maniacs. :P

Just one of the small things that make me happy!

And oh yes,
I was finally successful in crossing the highway ON MY OWN.
Yes, I'm kinda one of those who don't know how to cross!
OK, wait. WAS.
Achievement! :D *drum roll*

And yes, such silly things do make me feel happy.:S