14 May 2012

Dream out loud!

They're such an important part of life.
They're that one thing in life that have no rules or limits attached to them.
Your dreams are free birds.
You can dream about everything and anything you want to.
They're ever-changing.
They give a deeper meaning to life.
A reason to exist and wait for tomorrow.
They give hope, strength and teach you to have faith.
No one can stop you from dreaming. No one at all!
They take you to your own world. They're your creation.
So you can dream big, you can dream small, you can dream..infinite!
You can be Angeline Jolie or the Carrie Bradshaw of your own life! Or you can feel like charlie's angel. You can be a painter, writer, scientist, musician and what not! If you can dream it, you can be it.

We all dream.
When I was a kid, I wanted to be superman.
Then I grew up a little and wanted to be a doctor.
Then a fairy, an actress and the list goes on and on!
And it kept changing till I was sensible enough to understand what I really really wanted to be.
And then, my dream became constant.
I knew what I wanted from life.

I wanted to be a designer.
I wanted to be in the best design school.
Experience hostel life.
Be independent.
Be the best at everything.
Grow as an individual.
Be a better person.

It was very exciting to dream and work for it.
Two years of hard work. Extreme hard work. 
Boards, entrance exams, tension, failures, losses, ups and downs..and then came success!
I cracked most of my design school entrances and got through the best available one.
Honestly, I feel LikeABoss.
#ThatGreatFeelingYouGetWhenYourHardworkPaysOffAndDreamsComeTrue (Yes!Twitter addict,okaybye)

Here I am at the end of a long road, at the beginning of another.
Here I am, ready to grow, learn and shine.

Suddenly it feels like time is flying.
In a month and a half I'll leave the city I grew up in.
All my friends are going too.
We'll all be in different cities.
Maybe we'll learn to survive on Skype.

Seems like we've all grown up in the blink of an eye.
The journey to success has begun.
Maybe it's time to face the world, to come out of the protective shell we've survived in for so long.
To learn lessons by making your own mistakes.
To know how the world really is.
To fulfill ALL those dreams we've had.
To make sure that our tomorrow is exactly how we imagine it to be.

So now is our time, to shine. :)