27 January 2011

Life. Random thoughts. Rantings.

LIFE.That's the word that no one can ever describe in an accurate manner.
It's just there!
Tragic, comedy, hectic, depressing, fun, miraculous, placid, happening, amazing, awesome, pathetic, horrible, horrendous etc.
(Varies from person to person, from mood to mood and from situation to situation.)
Every day, while I am doing nothing I get random thoughts.
(Ranging from philosophical statements to making plans of killing someone brutally.)

There are times when I hate everyone in the world.
Every person seems like a huge burden to me, to man-kind.
Everyone selfishly seems to be involved in their own problems. Expecting you to be there, but not being there for you.
Sounds so "Waav".

There are times when I just feel amazing for a being a person who tries to BE THERE for everyone.
No really. That feeling of trying also gives me content.

There are times when I listen to 'I'll be there for you' over and over again and go nostalgic like a mad cow.
No trust me, it really does give me happiness.
I love those 'flashbacks' I get.
They're one of the bestest things in the world!

I have this thing for dramatical responses.
They infuse some kind of an enthusiasm in me!
(^ Bare my randomness.)

I have a tendency to get sentimental over every single thing.
From being someone's bestfriend, to being hated by a person, on being a daughter, on being a Ruiaite to being an ex-tps-ite!
I'm just overflowing with sentiments!
And my friends.
They never get tired of saying 'kitna senti hoti hai bey!' or 'nautanki sali!' or 'Ishi, you deserve the Oscar! No you really do.'

Oh, and there are these chicks in my college who are high on Engl..

Ok. Chuck that.
I don't know what to write further.
So I'm going to end this post on an abrupt note!

Sayo Nara!