25 August 2010

And that's where I belong.

I am about to enter a NEW world.
A totally new one.
Its not the same anymore.
I don't know where life will take me.
Is this where I belong?
I don't know.

But I wish I do.

At times I wonder- Will my idea of HAVING FUN remain the same forever?

I miss old times.
Not long ago did I want my hectic life to come to an end.
I wanted my hectic schedule to end so that I could not have restrictions and rules.
I would no more have to wake up at 6 in the morning and asking mom to give me five more minutes to complete my slumber.
I would no more have to wear the uniform (which was kinda cute) and find reasons to not drink bournvita right in the morning.
My tie would no more be hanging in my neck untied and i would no more be running with my sandwich in my hand and gulping it inside the life.
The though of not doing all that anymore used to excite me.
But now I think- Is that what i REALLY wanted?
Well i don't think so. :S

Back in time- I was totally busy. I did not have time for myself. And now i think that it was the life i wish i would have FOREVER. <3 That way my mood swings were in control. I did not have the time to think about how lonely I was or how unwanted few people made me feel. I never had to think about how fascinated people were about their relationships (Well i thought that it was complete SHITE to do pda and flaunt about your boyfriends all the time in front of people who wouldn't give a shite.)
All that brought happiness in my life was the fun i had in class.
The way people supported me over others! [*flaunt*]
The way I used to play pranks on anyone and everyone.
The way I used to roam around in my throw ball jersey.
The way i used to bunk classes.
The way i used to get irritated every time a girl told me how casual i behaved with the guys.

I loved the way people yelled petnames (mine!) in the corridoors loudly.
I behaved like a total drama queen then, but then I knew it was their way of expressing their love. :)
I miss that too.

In fact,

I never thought I would actually miss all this.

Who would complete my lab manuals?
Who would tell me reasons for not doing my homework?

Who would care if I did not attend my classes for a day?

I don't know how the new place [college] will be.
But talking about school- Well, that's the place I will ALWAYS belong to.