28 December 2011

A crumpled soul.

She now lived in one of the monasteries situated in the remote areas amidst the snow clad mountains.
It was a place not many people knew about.
The placidity and serenity of the place always comforted her soul.
She was convinced that she could stay there till her her breath lasted, unidentified.
No one knew who she was, where she had come from or what had made her come there. And no one bothered to question her about all of that either for she seemed to be a hurt, unaided yet content soul. She smiled. She smiled all the time.
As she stood there amidst the scenic rocks, she experienced a sense of protection.
She had spent all her life in obeying commands, undergoing disrespectful sacrifices and prejudices of hopes which never lasted long. She had been considered ignoble.
Until last fortnight, she had nothing to live for.
She now had a heart devoid of emotions. Her heart which was once fragile was broken into pieces. And the pieces were broken into many more pieces. Only she knew how she had sailed through. Or probably docked her way out.
But none of it mattered now.
She was away from all the pain, slavery, misery and sacrifices.
She loved this mediocre place with a meager population.
It was better than the classy suite she once resided in.
Because here, she got a chance to live for herself.

18 December 2011

Art is like love.

Art is like love. It is easier to experience than define.
And even if you do end up defining it, your definition will never match someone else's.
It's something you can identify yourself with.
It's something you can create by thought.
It can never be wrong because it is personalized thought.
Art is a way of living.
We're all artists.
There's some art in the way you walk, the way you talk, the way you arrange your stuff on the table, in the way you unbutton your shirts, in the way you keep food inside a box, in the way a person sells vegetables, in the way you write. There's art in everything.
Look around. Notice.
Art is not limited to paper and paint brushes.
It's something that is much beyond that.