11 March 2012

Don't stop.

I've learned to expect the unexpected.
Because there will be times when you'll face failure in spite of putting in a lot of hard work.
Your loved ones will disappoint you when you least expect them to.
And things will go wrong. Most of times you'll have "one of those days"..
You will feel like falling flat on your face and giving it all up.Because you've had enough. Of everything.

But in times like these,
You gotta hold your head up high,
Have faith in yourself,
Be strong.
Know that you're a masterpiece.
Just because you're having a dark night, doesn't mean that it won't pass.
The sun will rise.
Life will be good to you.
Believe in God. Believe in his timings.
Because- when you lose a good thing, something better comes!
It won't be easy, but it'll be worth it.
Don't. Stop. Dreaming. You.