28 May 2011


I laugh a lot, even when it's not required.
I cry when I feel extremely happy.
I show that I don't care, but I do.
I pretend to be strong and dis-passioned, even when I'm extremely passionate but weak.
I talk a lot, when I'm nervous.
I goof up things and end up making a fool out of myself.
I try to go anti-love and end up falling in love, again.
I suck at expressing my feelings.
I love dancing in the rains and jumping in puddles, even though I behave in a sophisticated most of the times.
I realize the fact that people take advantage of me, but I don't do anything about it.
I know how it feels to be taken for granted, but somehow I end up at the same place again.
My self confidence doesn't take a minute to degrade, but I won't show.
I say I expect nothing, and people tend to believe that lie.
I behave unhurt even when I want people to realize their mistakes and apologize.
I behave all sorted, even when I'm messed up.

Not because I want to pretend, but because I love living in my own shell..

And, I love being random.

20 May 2011

Love at first sight.

So it all started with a plan.
A plan to meet.
A plan to meet, spend some quality time together and watch a movie.
And as time went by..

We saw..
An old man..
and then the focus turned..
Riding a bicycle with a captivating smile..
My heart melted.
His hair shined under the sunshine and I could have drowned in his eyes!ten million times!
He looked up and smiled..
And felt the breeze against his face.
Moments later, he parked his bicycle and entered school..

...Harvard Medical School.

Jim Sturgess, I love you.
And it's love at first sight! :')

 Love. <3

08 May 2011

It's your day, mom! :)

Here's to us mum! :D
To the ten thousand pet names you invented, to see my over-react to them every single time.
How you forced me to drink bournvita every morning and got me addicted to it.
For how you said "We need to talk?" every time I yelled.
For being psychic enough to understand the mood I was in.
For staring at my clothes and saying "Ye kya pehen liya :O" every time the combination looks disgusting,
For teasing me with random guys and saying "Oh. Your best friend" every time I spoke about some girl I hated.
For discussing about my childhood with Salonee and talking about the embarrassing things I did.
The way you say "Your birthday is mother's day for me." and stare at me when I say "awww".
For understanding my needs and fulfilling my demands.
For reading my mind and making life easier.
For bribing me with chocolate ice-cream after cancelling plans on me.
For saying "Pasand agaya?" every time I stared at a cute guy in the mall.
For the little secrets we share, and the crack inside jokes in front of dad.
The way we discuss about the people from our peer groups.
For being my permanent best friend.
For making me the kind of girl I am, today.
For imitating me when I'm irritated.
For calling me malnutritioned.
For boosting my confidence and controlling my ego.
And for many other things that have not been mentioned here.

I love you, mom.
And I always will.
Happy Mother's Day ♥ 

You are my superstar! ☆