28 May 2011


I laugh a lot, even when it's not required.
I cry when I feel extremely happy.
I show that I don't care, but I do.
I pretend to be strong and dis-passioned, even when I'm extremely passionate but weak.
I talk a lot, when I'm nervous.
I goof up things and end up making a fool out of myself.
I try to go anti-love and end up falling in love, again.
I suck at expressing my feelings.
I love dancing in the rains and jumping in puddles, even though I behave in a sophisticated most of the times.
I realize the fact that people take advantage of me, but I don't do anything about it.
I know how it feels to be taken for granted, but somehow I end up at the same place again.
My self confidence doesn't take a minute to degrade, but I won't show.
I say I expect nothing, and people tend to believe that lie.
I behave unhurt even when I want people to realize their mistakes and apologize.
I behave all sorted, even when I'm messed up.

Not because I want to pretend, but because I love living in my own shell..

And, I love being random.



    Reading this felt as I'm talking about myself.
    I do the exact SAME.

    Can I copy this please?
    With due credits ofcourse?


  2. Total LOVE. :P
    Po, *hi5* hehe.
    Ditto feelings. ;)