31 July 2011


I really love customizing my blog! :D
Over and over again.
I want to capture every moment into a memory!
I love having secret jokes.
I love putting up random sentences or lyrics as my BBM status.
I adore love stories.
I am very moody.
I love sending long texts and messages.
I sit by the window and watch the rains.
I skip heart beats when I see hot guys at the mall.
My favorite subject is Psychology.
I love imitating people. Teachers especially.
I am used to hi-fiving a lot. A LOT.
Over-reacting rules, at times.
I am extremely sentimental and sensitive.
I have many best friends. But only a few who have become like family.
I enjoy socializing,
I believe that every one has a story to tell.
Nerd guys are cute.
I hate people who dress shabbily.
I detest overly egoistic souls.
I notice puns and ironies in every sentence.
I laugh, a lot.
I love having pep talks.
I can bake cake.
I love reading.
I love bro tips and hoe tips.
I want to visit the Bermuda Triangle.
I want to buy a house in the Himalayan Region.
I am fond of places which are by the sea.
MOD-Double trouble is my ultimate favorite delicacy in the world.
I strongly dislike tutti-frutti.

And I get bored very easily!