18 December 2011

Art is like love.

Art is like love. It is easier to experience than define.
And even if you do end up defining it, your definition will never match someone else's.
It's something you can identify yourself with.
It's something you can create by thought.
It can never be wrong because it is personalized thought.
Art is a way of living.
We're all artists.
There's some art in the way you walk, the way you talk, the way you arrange your stuff on the table, in the way you unbutton your shirts, in the way you keep food inside a box, in the way a person sells vegetables, in the way you write. There's art in everything.
Look around. Notice.
Art is not limited to paper and paint brushes.
It's something that is much beyond that.


  1. :)
    We all are artists.
    Until we grow up :(

  2. :"I'm not afraid, I'm an artist."
    That's been one of my favourite quotes since time immemorial <3
    Where've you been btw?

  3. Razi: That,according to me, is a personal choice. :)

    Cяystal: Lovely quote. :D I've been busy with terms and entrances. :)

  4. thought-provoking!
    for me,art is everything that seems madness to the non-artist.

  5. well is a way of living and we all are thoughtful

  6. Every person will have their own view of the art :) And their own creation will also be different :) Lovely!

  7. @Rohit: Agreed. And something that different artists would perceive differently. :)

    @The Solitary Writer: Thank you. :)

    @Philo: True that! And thank you. :D

  8. So very true..different for everyone.. :)
    your last line speaks so much..i would jump in here more often than not :)
    Thanks for the visit on my blog :D humbled by your comment on the shoutbox..And guess what after ages i touched that blog and you happen to come there :P
    The blog you stepped onto is quite dead i have one more which i update frequently guess you may like it Afixxion Addixt

  9. Hi Ishiyetaa :)

    A very interesting concept of art! I enjoyed reading it. Thanks for visiting my blog and for the follow :)

    Wish you all the best in 2012,
    Fiona :)

  10. I feel that becoming a true artist is about relieving oneself from all the possible stultifying effects of trivialities in life. It's about redifining and breaking out. It's about truth and tangible and intangible reality alike.
    Beautiful, what you've thought. :)

  11. @Alcina: Your blog is beautiful. :) And I'm now following the other one too! :D
    Thank you for dropping in and saying hi btw! :P (wrt shoutbox!)
    And thank you :D

    @Princess Fiona- Aw. Thank you :) and same to you! :)

    @D2: That's a very deep thought. Like your own definition of art. :) I love it.
    And thank you. :)