18 April 2011

Just noticing.

It's about how we sail through every hard situation.
And then when another hard situation arises, we gather hope from the previous one.

The way we feel weak and strong both, while choosing between the right and the desired.

How we always keep cribbing about something we're not and ignore something that we are.

The way every person gives us at least one reason to be jealous of him/her.

How we always find someone whose more optimistic than we are, and someone whose life is worse than ours.

How the short one's die to get tall and how the tall one's wish that they weren't as tall as they are.

How people express their boredom in creative ways.
And then they get bored of getting bored.
And then bored of being bored of getting bored (& it goes on and on an on!)

Everyone has the ONE best friend in their life, who will be supportive through the right and the wrong.

People change with time and experiences. Some decisions make one stronger, while some soften the person.

The songs that I can relate to my life. I feel like the song had been written by extracting inspiration from my story.

How everyone has a different story to tell, a different promise to make..

How all the teens undergo the very same problems and still believe that theirs is of the highest magnitude.

How the funniest songs become the most  famous ones! (Baby, Friday etc..:P)

How movies inspire the way we look at life and give us hope.

The pictures we all click to capture the memories, the sentimental talks we have, the songs we relate, the secrets we share, the love that binds all of us, how we feel special on our birthdays..

Everyone has one trait that others go "Are-you-mad?" about :P
(Mine- i HATE surprises. Be it parties, gifts or visits.)

They way the definition of friendship changes from one person to another.

How one emoticon can express your mood.

The way people have irreplaceable people and relations : )

Was just noticing. :)


  1. I noticed that you noticed well and my mind noticed that what my heart had noticed was lovely... :P ........... LOVED IT!!!!!!!!!

  2. Rashmi- My heart has noticed that your compliment has made me notice you :P
    ThankyouSOmuch :)

  3. Eeeeee!!
    I love this one too.
    Yes, now I agree.
    You are a psychic. Really!
    Haha! ;-)

  4. I LOVE THIS. :D

    Following you! :D

  5. Poulomi- Thank you so much! And I just followed you :)