19 March 2011

Is it okay?

Is it okay to blog when..
I'm mind fucked?
I'm undergoing mood swings?
I am jealous?
I could kill someone?
I cry?
I laugh like a sadist?
Life seems befuddled?
I feel cranky?
I laugh at myself?
I feel like a loser?
I feel like a loner?
I blame someone else?

Is it okay to blog even if I think that I suck at blogging?

Blog like no one's gonna read it?
Throw up all your feelings out here?

There's one amazing thing about blogging though.
If you maintain an anonymous profile and pour out all your feelings..You feel satisfied that someone you don't even know of, is going to read it and either relate it to his/her own life or not give a fuck about it.
And THAT has to be okay. :)


  1. ...:)...its good to have a blog.
    its good to keep it a secret.
    it helps. der is a security. but then u shld not leave a blog like an orphan.. have your presence felt but pretend as if the blog doesnt exist. :)

  2. True that stranger! :D
    I shall leave your identity unidentified here ;)

  3. .what makes you think that you know my identity ? :P