05 March 2011

It happens with everyone else too! ^_^

I am not the only one whose been betrayed by a friend. Even others have been.
I am not only one to suffer from heartbreak. Even others have to.
I cry, get moody, fight, feel lonely, suffer helplessly, cry before getting injected (faint after it!), give 100 reasons for not taking a medicine, secretly envy smarter people, bunk oral exams, behave like an egoistic bitch, refuse to apologize, feel like a sucker when it comes to blogging, feel like I cannot make friends, get wicked, throw my moodswings at my best friends, write silly rhymes, find idiotic ways to overcome boredom, read the same word so many times that it finally looks meaningless, feel alienated at times, crave for eating Maggi at dinner time, fail to understand a few jokes, get out-witted...but at one point of time even others have undergone/ will undergo all of this!
Every person has problems. I am not the only one.
At one point in life, every person realizes the importance of being strong and independent. Even I will!

It's not like I'm happy that others have problems.
It's just that seeing them get through those gives me hope and satisfaction.
I know that I am not the only one suffering and of course I do not own all the problems in the  world!

So whatever happens with me in life..
At a point of time...
Happens with everyone else too! ^___^


  1. At least write your name :)
    Thanks btw! ^_^

  2. ah, that makes me feel better.
    Knowing that I am not the only one going through this crap.


  3. der is one thing that happens to girls but not to guys.. :P
    u noe what i mean. :P :D

    but then ask urself if its really gonna sort out the matter knowing that sum1 else is goin thru the same shit?.. if dat were so there wud have been a solution to almost evrything...but then it doest comforts...only if i find comfort in the sufferings of others even when we are suffering....

  4. Blrrr..Pervert! :P

    No it doesn't sort out..but it surely gives hope!
    that someone has made through the obstacles you're now facing!
    And comforts as well since you're not the only one who undergoes them! ^__^

  5. You are my soul sister <3
    haha! :)
    Very well written. :)

  6. Who me? Haha. I don't even know you :P
    But, never mind :D
    We just think alike, maybe. :)

    Thank you ^_^

  7. Oh well, Almost. :/

    P.S. You're pretty. **