04 February 2011

And it all began with boredom.

11 am in the morning while travelling to college.
I was in a train, while Ria was in a bus!
[via texts]

Me: I is too bored. :P

I is too bored too :/
but what to do..
cannot be fun sitting beside,
a man in a skunk's hide.
NO offense to that guy,
my rudeness is a bit too high..
I guess at this lousy time..
My only source of fun is to rhyme.

So now let me tell you that your rhyme was a waste..
You are going to continue to undergo a helluva of haste..
The man's gonna formidably continue to stink..
So please change your seat before your nostrils shrink!
Wink wink! ^_^

Wink at him my ass!
My rhymes-dont you sass!
They always make me feel better..
They are no way going down the gutter!
Oh the smell is killing me..
When I come there you will see..
How relieved it is to be out of this fated monstro-sity,
and be finally ekdam free!

Ohmygod I tell you.I really know how you feel..
This lady sitting next to me..
Has applied oil that makes her stink!

What is she doing in my compartment?
Who gave her a first class pass? :O
If she doesn't get up fast..
My breath isn't gonna last!

I'm telling you our fate sucks..
We are both sitting besides these lousy shmucks..
Don't die oh friend of mine..
Don't worry you'll be fine..
Breathe through your mouth and concentrate on your rhyme..
You never know how fast it'll pass the time!
Brace yourself get ready for more..
Atleast she's not a whore! :P

Thank god she isn't a whore that shines..
Of sweat and sex throughout the night.
Oh how crucial moments can get..
Rise in intimacy, heat and breath! :P

Shit I rhymed pervert stuff!
But i swear this isn't a bluff..
Iki's gonna find understanding this tough..
What's up with us not attending lectures and stuff? :O

Lol yeah you did..
Of that man I finally got rid..
Now get out of that bleeding train..
Or from slapping you I won't refrain!

And it ended there because we finally met at the college gate :P


  1. hehe... i love this..... ishiyeta ur perverted rhyme is too good!! :P

  2. Reading it was SO much fun..
    Kinda reminded me of the HIMYM's 'sexless innkeeper' episode :P

    NOW I'm following you xD

  3. Lol! :)
    Thanks :D
    I haven't seen that episode though!

    I'll follow you too ;)

  4. @It's good to be alive: yes i totally agree..;) was an awesome episode..:)
    Ted: 'Twas the night before this one, and hours to kill
    I sat in the tavern, grading parchments with quill
    A busty young lassie flashed me a grin
    Her garb said "classy," but her eyes whispered "sin."
    She said, "You're a teacher?" I said, "Yes, indeed!"
    "I must have you!" she moaned, "I'm turned on by tweed!"
    With haste we did scamper to my chamber anon,
    We fell to the couch, and bro, it was on.
    I unlaced her bodice, our passions grew deeper,
    And thus ends the tale of The Sexless Innkeeper.

  5. ^haha ishi!
    i LOVED this post.
    hope our rhymes live on..forevermore!!! :D

  6. Yea dude!
    It's called making boredom productive :P