25 October 2011

Because you're my diamond in the rough. :)

S., Spring onions, Agent Shaggyetc,
(^PS. All in one. They're her alter egos! :P)

Natural photu. ^_^  THAT'S US! :D 
(At Carters)

They say that good things take time..
But really great things happen in the blink of an eye.
Thought the chances to meet somebody like you were a million to one,
I can't believe it (Actually i can :P)..
You're one in a million :) :*

That post made me cry, you silly freak.
(^follow her! ^_^ She's amazing!)
AND I LOVEEEEEEEEEE the video. *Major love*
I feel so special. :')
The advertisement- Doesn't it feel good, when someone makes you feel special?
Hell yeah, it does. :)

And this reply, is exactly the way I feel right now. (No puns,baby! :P)

I still remember the sarcastic "get-a-life" looks we "used to throw at each other in school.
And how we used to hate each other because my "so-called-best friend" was your enemy.
(And how we discuss about this at least once in a month :P)

When we became friends, I was probably undergoing the worst phase of my life.
When we first met, I probably thought that you would make me feel unwanted, outright.
But things turned out to be quite different :O
It had just been 30 minutes and we were posing and clicking pictures. *click click*
What's up bitch? B-).. *oh we look constipated*
(I know you just went OMG ^_^)

And that's where the great 'hair set-smile-click' system begun. XD And then we started getting closer, exchanged numbers, texted stupid stuff and spoke random shit. We figured that we had quite a few similarities and I was SURPRISED :O

The summer vacation (that we keep talking about) have probably been the BEST times of our lives. Meeting early in the morning and parting in the night (8 o clock curfews :P) and going all "OMG, it's 730 ALREADY?!!" and afternoons which we would spend at the malls gawking at hot guys. *drools*


 Naive us. :O

Life has never really been easy on you. But I always loved the way you faced it (except for that one time)
Even though you have cried, you've sailed through.
What I love about you the most, is that you are a family person. :)
In spite of all the major ups and downs you've had, you've been a very strong girl. Very very strong.
You will go out of your way, just to hear your daddy say "I am proud of you" and your mom say "You've been spending your day constructively".. How a little shouting makes you cry, makes you feel like the worst daughter on earth and makes you want to prove them wrong! The way you say "They think I don't study? Now you wait and watch, full time aisa padhungi na..I'll make sure they take their words back".. And well, you really do make sure! :)  
And how you take some time off and talk to Arjun, about everything. The way you've managed to be his best friend :) It's adorable. And the way you make him repeat- "Di, you are so lame"..I couldn't agree more :P
*"bitch"? I know ^_^* O:)

It takes a simple text for you to know that I'm crying, and I still don't know how?
Each time I've had a breakdown, you've sent those 6 page long texts to make me feel good about myself.
You make my sorrows lighter. 
And those quotes you dedicate..


I wish I was friends with you from a very young age,
But I guess it's okay because even though you came in late, you made it worth the wait!
You have just been there for me on every step. You've helped me take life day by day.
You've spent hours with me at CCD, just to hear me rant about how SuSP a friend at college is.
We're at a level where I can talk to you about anything without thinking. I won't even have a second thought about you judging me as a person, because I know you've accepted me the way I really am. :)
When I cried over a stupid crush or embarrassed myself to death, you've been there to make me laugh and well, laugh at me.
For the way we bitch about everyone. Each and everyone.
For being the motherly person you are-forcing me to eat,sleep,study,practice properly. 
For being the one who gives me reality checks- Sarcasm, ironies, don't I know-s?, look whose talking-s!
For mocking me to death after seeing me doing something stupid and for those endless lists of songs that you thought I should hear, for saying stupid things just to make me smile and for making me feel like my existence counts, you've been a GREAT friend. : )

Times when boredom lead to photo sessions and the "WE WILL DEEPEE THAAAAT!" shouts!
Creative-ness. O:)

From tea shots to 'tequila' shots (one tequila, two tequila, three tequila, FLOOR!)
Nights when we partied our asses off and spoke bull shit on our way back home. *embarrassed smiley*
Eating dairy milks to gain composure. ^_^

:La la la: 3:D

The epic sleepover's we've had, when we spoke our hearts out, cried, laughed over something stupid we did years ago and discussing about our future. The walks in the dark and the sitting on the floor :P
And as always, how you've never let me do stupid things...ALONE! 
The way every walk adds up a new story to our lives.
Evenings when we roamed in nana-nani park with Rahul and paid three bucks for the entry ticket, spending hours at the podium with Shar or making plans to somehow get Nishi out of her house.. We've been there, together. :)
Lazy afternoons and long long looooong conversations. Blasting our phone bills and calling it "Charity to vodafone"..
Those long texts with no spaces in between words or talking like some hot-shot models in LA! 
Dedicating songs like "Count on me- Bruno Mars".. "Breakaway-Kelly Clarkson"..
You've made me believe in myself and my dreams.
You make me feel like I can achieve anything. =)

Those taunts we threw at people who wore weird-se kapde and the way we laughed our asses off at people who were making out in CCD.
The 'fashionable' munda at CCD with his 'hawt' jeans. We died. :x
(PS. You knew I'd put it up :P)

The world has to know that you were discussing politics with your doctor during your surgery while all of us were freaked out and praying for you :O
"We were old enough and I was asking you to go back and read all our emails. I think I'm on a "make ishi cry-spree".. YOU AND YOUR DREAMS! :/

And about me crying over a broken nail..
You can never be the one to cry on a broken nail because well, you don't have any.
You feast on them. -.-
Gandi bacchi.
#OHYEAH! 3:)

Screenshots :D


Helping out on what to wear for a date! ^_^

No comments. :P


All the bull shit we talk, somehow does end up making sense.
To us at least.

Summing it up,
You've been there with me right from strumming the guitar and singing like a rockstar (to everyone, she really does sing well!), you've stopped my tears, made me smile and defined friendship.


'I hope you never fear those mountains in the distance,
Never settle for the path of least resistance,
Living might mean taking chances,
But they're worth taking.
Loving might be a mistake,
But it's worth making.
Don't let some hell bent,
Leave you bitter.
When you come close to selling out,
And when you get the choice to sit it out or dance,
I hope you'll dance.' 

:) :)
PS. ILoveYouSoSoSoMuch.
We are not the best of friends, but we are as close as close can get. 
And our friendship, is the prettiest bond..ever! :)

-Ishi/Agent Meow/Idli Sambhar etc. 
(The list goes on and on and on! ^_^)
Xoxo. :3


  1. Aw! You guys are the cutest. First picture-expressions! Aaaw again :D
    I commented on both the posts and Agent Meow and Agent Shaggy are the saweetesttt! I wish you two a long, super successful friendship :*

  2. I loved those pix and everything you people do, Lol at that crazy hawt munda at CCD, he stole the show for me *Change that look, I'ma joking, blah*
    Anyways, stay blessed both of you. A pocket full of smiled and hugs to the two gorgeous young ladies :*

    Love, ~Moonlight~ :)

  3. It's so lovely to see so much love among friends.

  4. Cяystal: I posted that picture to embarrass her ;) And thank you SO much! ^__^

    ~Moonlight~: Aaaw! THANKYOU! :D *Bear hug* And yes, that guy stole the limelight :P His pockets are SO designer wear! :P

    Zeba- Thank you. :')<3

  5. OMG God bless your friendship and both of you.I pray that you both remain the best of friends forever. The first mesg that Shagun wrote was awesome. Appreciable! Take care.Stay blessed

  6. :-) 3 cheers for shagun's message.Seems you had a lovely time..keeep rocking....and enjoyin..:-)

  7. The Solitary Writer- Thank you SO much :)

    Rahul- That we do! :D thank you thank you! ^_^

  8. ILoveThisPostSoFuckingMuch! <3

    Thankyou so much female. It made me cry. a lot :')
    You've put SO many embarrassing photos. :|
    And yes, I bite my nails. So much more convenient! -.-

    Ah Whatever. I can go on and on, but lets just leave things at this! :P


    (Damn! I'm off Facebook, so we've started our gayness on Blogger too! :/)

  9. ALittleLessThanILoveTheOneThatYouWrote! =*

    I know right!?
    Been there,done that! B-)

    Oh please. Biting nails is SO not cool -.-

    ILOVEYOUTOOO! =^______^=

    (I know :S..we're hopelessly amazing!:P)

  10. STFU! :|
    You can't play the guitar with those long nails of yours :|
    So shoo away :P

    I knoww!
    I think I'd better stop :P Else it's really going to land up like our FB situation! :P

    "XOXO" =))


    La la la!

    "heart heart muah muah" :P

  12. Yeah right! Annnnd that's exactly why you wonder why your chords don't sound right! O:)

  13. Not always -.-
    Get lost! >_<

    Blah blah blah!


  14. Read both the posts. OMG cuuuute :D
    Here's to clicking pics of many such hot mundas :P and randomness!
    Loved eet. :D

  15. Blahblaholic ♥ © : Thank you SO much :D And yes, such people definitely deserve attention O:)

  16. toooooo late to comment but dude you have no idea HOW MUCH I LOVED IT. Reminded me of my best friend,and yes i should admit,i cried. -_- hope you two stay foreverrrrrrrrrrrr like this. :)