27 September 2011

Benefits of being ill.

1. You will be pampered like a queen.
2. You lie on the couch all day long and watch tv. Its called resting.
3. You live a mini-vacation.
4. You don't have to care much about not replying to texts, BBMs or responding to phone calls. No one will get mad at a patient.
5. Lying inside a blanket all day long seems perfect.

Okay, that's all for now. Any more advantages?


  1. And and, if your tongue hasn't become medicine-coated and you can still taste properly, they make good things for you if you bug them too :O

  2. The calls/texts from certain friends who actually care asking if you've taken the medicine and asking for constant updates on your health is cute:)

  3. ah... but only if you are not like ill and its just the after illness rest then its ok... :) and also if you dont live in a hostel...nobody going to pamper you like a queen in hostels :P

  4. Crystal- Haha yes totally! :D and you'll get candies too! XD

    Priyanka- Ah, that! :') Seconded!

    Muhammad Israr- I haven't experienced that as yet :) ..and yeah I'm talking about minor illnesses not major :)

  5. The font = me loves!
    Thanks a million for following my blog!
    Followin you now :D *hi-5*
    Oooh btw I love your about me. Each single word of it!

  6. I also loves! :D
    *hi-5 woman* XD

    Eeeeee..thank you so much :*

  7. Exams were on! :P

  8. oh yeah you feel like a Queen only because you are into schol/college. If you were working then obviously you would be feeling helpless just like what i am feeling right now.I'm having a bad cold and look I'm in office since last 2 days for deployment work.Weird!

    Take care

  9. Yeah true that. I'm in college :P

    Aww, take care!
    *hugs and good wishes* :)