06 September 2011

Emoticons yo. B)

What are the best things about emoticons?

 It can convey the rudest feelings in the most polite manner,ever.
Eg. "Fuck off, you moron." - Rude.
      "Fuck off, you moron :P" -Casual.

Also, they can convert the magnitude of feelings.
Eg. "I am so happy for you."
With emoticons- "I am so happy for you :D :* \:D/"

They express sarcasm- O:)

Girls will spend hours in front of the mirror reflexively, but when we go to meet our friends we'll dress up in rag-like clothes and tie our hair in the most convenient and maid-like way possible.
Being sensitive is totally our thing.
*Yes! Random thoughts*

I got my college I-Card today. Outright sucky picture :'(

And I hence declare,
This is what a 50 minutes Economics lecture does to me, yeah. |m| >.<


  1. this is so much true about emoticons... yes they can express anything... and im kinda addcited to it... i hardly send a text without adding one...mostly :) or :P ...
    for your post i will say :D :) ;)

  2. So am I!
    I get a strong urge to draw emoticons while writing my English essays as well :P
    So for thanking you, all I have to say is- :D :)

  3. Amazing blog :)
    Amazing blog :P
    Amazing blog :D

    They all portray different feelings haha .. and emoicons are theee best for subtle humour ;)
    anddd, id card pictures suck. Its like, no one looks as bad as their i-card picture and as good as their FB profile picture ;)
    naice blog, ima following youuuu :D

  4. THANK YOU :*

    And yes, subtle humor and sarcasm! xD

    ID card picture-I look like I've been photoshopped! :S
    And yes, THAT quote ;)

    Imma follow you back toooo! :D

  5. LMFAO =))
    You and your obsession with emoticons, subtle sarcasm and what not :P
    You know exactly what all I'm referring to na? O:)
    I love this post. :D

    P.S. I HAVE to see your ID picture. So I can laugh at you more. :*

    And talk about wearing rags while meeting your friends *guilty conscious*

    Eco Lectures. X_X I understand.

    XOXO :P

  6. Of course you do! O:)
    You know it all lady! :P
    And yes, I do know :S


    Rags are better than glittery shiny silver tops under the sun! At least we don't 'sparkle' :P

    XX <3

  7. Hey there :)
    I completely agree about the emoticon thingy. They never disappoint you and are so much fun :D :P
    And your blog, at few places similar to mine, melodies, scribbles, cute :)

    Love, Risha :)

  8. Hola! :D
    Exactly! :) Emoticons are one of the best things that have happened to man-kind. :D

    Woah! :O Amazing co-incidences :D


  9. hehe. I liked the hug wala emoticon. had never seen that before.
    And i also think that puppies are the cutest ..
    Nice blog gurl. Happy blogging!! :) :/ :D >.<
    I dont even know what this last one means.

  10. ME TOO! :P
    the last one means irritated, I guess :/
    Even I love making up random symbols :D
    And thank you soo much! B-)