22 September 2011

On your sixteenth. =)

This one's for the girl who has changed from a friend to a sister. Through the ups and downs of life, we've seen each other grow as individuals and as smart asses. :P *self-praise alert!!*

Dear M,
I still remember the first time when we met. I was just 8 years old then, and you were 7 (okay,this sounds gay :|..) I was new to this place. I had no friends. As I entered the park, I saw many people but all in groups. I was scared. Would I be able to fit in? Would I be the one laughing and giggling around? Then finally *i don't remember how* we started talking. We din't really seem to like each other much and your existence hardly mattered to me.
There were times when we used to fight over silly things like "toonay cheating kiya", "aye cheater cock (Please rest your pervert brains, we were innocent kids then! :S)"
How I used to hate you for involving your mom in each and every tiff we used to have.
As time passed by we would all meet and play games like leg cricket, kabaddi (*dies*), badminton, we would all cycle early in the morning and have a cheerful girly time (We were friends with the people we now hate. *Ironies of life* O:)..)
After I shifted to Bangalore for a year, I forgot about you. You were just a friend who was my playmate (and our oh-so-awesome ego issues).
After I got back in 8th..we were in the same school bus (ftw :P) and we used to stand on the last seat and jump when the bus used to move on speed breakers and giggle about "my jump was higher than yours..(heehee!)". I obviously kept winning since I was taller, but you were too dumb to realize. You used to cry over that as well. *wicked laughter!!*
Oh wait, not only used to cry over each and every possible thing. Be it someone running away with your tiffin, a teacher chucking you out of class, someone pulling your pony tail or whatever. Name it and I remember you crying.
Our bonds strengthened as time went by. By the time I reached 10th (and you 9th) we were like those inseparable girls.. even though things weren't as perfect as they seemed to be.
When my best friend (you-know-who) finally deserted me, you were not there for me. And the way you admit that now tells me that you are going to regret it all your life. Shit happens.
After we started talking again, after getting over our one month was bad for me. I had to literally take all the efforts to bring you back to normal, and well I succeeded (I know I'm awesome B-)..)
I still remember you crying in public over your controversial first kiss. See, it has made you so strong now. :)

So basically, no shit could end our friendship. :)

We've been there for each other through heartbreaks, through tough family times, through pep-talks, calling up secretly at 1 in the night to give life updates, sharing stories, creating scenarios, insulting people, being bitches, talking fucked up shit that no one would ever understand, meeting to only transfer songs via bluetooth, crossing curfews, talking about people-who-need-to-get-a-life and blabbering utter non-sense and yet laughing, discussing old times and feeling naive, insulting each other and laughing wickedly, those oh-so-awesome COMEbacks (mind the spelling,you), to the pervert jokes that could make someone vomit, of disgracefully dressed up people, being a support system for each other and last moment meet ups. There's a lot more that could be written here, but that's it for now.

And yes, the greatest song ever that describes us-
"We've known each other since we were nine or ten 
Together we've climbed hills and trees
Learned of love and ABC's
Skinned our hearts and skinned our knees

-Seasons in the sun by Westlife.

And of course, the whole of "I'll be there for you"

"Even the very best friend isn't perfect.
Every friendship has it's shares of ups and downs..disappointments and discouragements. But the true test of friendship is whether it endures the hard times as well as the happy times. When you are truly best friends-when you have a friendship worth preserving-you learn how to voice your feelings with each other. You discuss how and when you've been hurt. You even cry together. Then you forgive, seal your friendship with a hug and continue on good terms with each other. That's how best friendship's are maintained over the years. Each little offence is dealt with and forgiven (and forgotten). The focus remains on the strength of the relationship: love, understanding, acceptance and loyalty. When you take time to work through differences and misunderstandings, the friendship grows stronger and sweeter. :') "

From the sensitive-innocent-cry baby you were to the awesomely (I'm admitting this for the first and the last time) smart yet pervert you've been loved. 

Happy Sixteenth,you.
You mean a lot to me. :)
Stay raw and be the amazing person you are.

P.S. I still hate your mom for 'manufacturing' you a year later than me.

Ishi :D

Note: M stands for the "finally-16" Mokshada :D


I edited this one last to last year. When I sucked at editing.
Location: School.

This comes from the gayest album ever, conversalicious :|

And now you have to suffer cause we have no recent picture together. 



  1. wow...wonderful...happy 16th to your friend and many many happy returns of the day... may your friendship live forever :)

  2. 8 and 7? Oh no no . It doesn't sound gay :P
    And gee, including moms in tiffs. ASK ME ABOUT IT ! Geeee, so many many instances when moms called my mommie dearest and appalled her telling her about my gundagardi :/
    And hahaha @ So basically, no shit could end our friendship. :)
    and wow, we have a lot of similar obsessions. Westlife, Converse clicks et al.
    And yayy though I know neither of you personally, I loved reading :D
    Many many MANYYY happy returns of the day, M ! :)

  3. hey ishiyetaa,
    here for the 1st time , you have an awesome blog here and this write-up is so emotional about friends and all this happy stuff. and i am literally really exhilarated that there is good, pure , selfless friendship existing today.a very happy budday to your friend M ..!
    i read your about me section and i just realized we are quite similar including our age... hoping to seee more and read more here ..!

  4. Muhammad Israr- Thank you so much :) I wish so too :)

    Crystal- Wow :D I like that! XD And about the "loved reading" means a lot to me :) thank you <3

    Suvaiba- Thank you so much. And that comment made me smile ( i am literally really exhilarated that there is good, pure , selfless friendship existing today)
    Hell yeah we are similar! <3

  5. This post is SO cute! :D
    You're good with such senti stuff. :P

    P.S. That album Conversalicious. OMG! I rather not comment! O:)

  6. Awww!
    This is SO damn sweet. And cute.
    Did you make her read it? I'll shoot you if you say no :/

  7. Ohri- Thank you! :*
    ps. Common, even we have converse photus :P

    Blahblaholic ♥ - I did.:P She wanted to comment but sadly she repels technology :P What to do! *giggles*