27 August 2011


Let's face this.
Someday when you need someone the most, that person will probably leave you. Mostly for someone else.
When you will want to step out of your way for someone, you might just face disappointment.
You will just keep facing the situations you want to avoid!
You will fail one or twice and probably sit back feeling unworthy and blame destiny. Don't.
Karma does exist. And will hit back at you irrespective of whether you believe in it or not.
When life will give you a second chance, take it. Not everyone gets it! Don't take it for granted.
Apologize, only when its needed. Seriously. Or you'll be expected to do so always.
At times you will really need to get a life!
You will cry and no one will care.

There's a line between not being egoistic and losing your self respect. You will cross it someday for someone whose unworthy.
People will take you for granted.
You'll make the wrong choice.
You'll repent and regret stuff in life.
You'll lose people.
Things will just not go your way.
You'll be heart broken.
Someone you love just won't love you back.
But that's how it is supposed to be.

Forever is a lie.
Biggest lie ever.

People will miss you only for a day or two after you die.

And for now, I'm over-flowing with pessimism. :|

PS. Steve Jobs resigned =(

PPS. Jan Lokpal Bill passed! Anna Hazare ftw. Mobocracy rules B) Booo you Government! XD


  1. I agree.. I had so much to say while reading each line and now that I have to comment I'm confused:s
    But the point is, I love the post.. It's real and reflects the inner soul..

  2. Paulo- you do! :/ :P

    Priyanka- Haha. Happens with me as well ;) Thank you so much. :)