02 November 2010


This post is dedicated to two special friends.
Very special friends.
They might not live in the town i live in.
They might not even get to see me for ages.
But they have helped me.
Been by my side through thick and thin.
They know when I cry and know when I laugh.
They know how to perfectly make me smile.
They pass on hope.

I love them.

We have had times of togetherness even when we weren't together.
We cried when our hearts broke, fought when we felt agitated.
Laughed when something special came along.
We are not even close to being perfect. We might not be the COOL types, but we share the love and relationship people can only dream of. {long distance ;)..]

If one undergoes a heartbreak, the other two experience the pain.
[As filmy as it sounds, but it does happen!]

So this one's for you girls [Swati and Akshita]-
I love you both!
And don't you guys ever leave me!

Friends Forever :)


  1. Aww..
    As always its AWESOME..
    simply depicts the love for ur frnds :)

  2. This is just perfect. So true.
    We know we're always there for each other.
    Love you loads. <3

  3. This is gorgeouss <3
    I love you Ishi.

  4. Akshi- I know :) and i love you too!:')

    Swati- thanks :) i love you too!:*

  5. this is heart wrenching. :)