13 November 2010

Just one of those sentimental mood swings.

Who are they?
The one who make you believe that the world is not as bad as it seems.
They are the one's who can not only manage to make you smile but also make sure that you break into fits of laughter, even when you are not in a mood to smile.
They make you want to live. They are the one's who fathom that you are the best, no matter what.
They are simply the cause of your survival.

Be it a heartbreak, an emergency, mood swings, rough days or whatever-Friends are always there- TO THE RESCUE!

*I feel so sentimental right now*

All the letters and cards, policies and rules, sleepovers, hangovers, hangouts.
Little things that give happiness.
I love you guys.
All my friends :)
For being there.
Making my life Awesome.
Giving me an identity.
And - For accepting me the way I am. :)
For what I am. :D

And for making me feel special and giving me a reason to exist.

I love you all. :)