08 November 2010

About feeling helpless.

It when a have a really close friend.
its when you want that friend to have ALL the happiness he deserves.
But you CANNOT help it, but read what he feels.

Its a post from his blog.

Read on:

....A moment in past when i was all wrong.
Sometimes we just neglect the consequences.
Sometimes we are ready to sacrifice evrything.
Sometimes we walk that extra mile.
Sometimes we do things that we know wunt give us happiness in future.
Sometimes we repeat the same mistakes again and again.
Evrytime we repeat it gets uglier.
We Just Live that moment. That's the moment when after few days or months or years..we realize that We Were ALL WRONG.

But somewhere we love to do such mistakes.
Somewhere we love to have broken hearts.
Those tears. those lonely times.
But ugly is d Truth.
The truth we tend to ignore.
The truth we wished was just a nightmare.

Its the change of state.
The Rock we were holding tightly suddenly becomes the sand we can neva hold tightly.
IT all changes. It all slips away. Right beneath our eyes. Right from our hands.

That very moment we curse that one moment from the past when we were right yet we were wrong.

That is the moment that makes us a breeding ground of all the potential guilts.
Guilt that just kills you inside out.
That moment when u dont sit to write down all this.
that moment u just need a shoulder.
that moment is d one when u just dont wanna live.
but u stilll survive..for a better tmrw.
running away from those dark hurting secrets....hiding ur emotions.
When you just wanna scream that its the not what you had asked for.
Yet no answer to ur questions.
That moment when u cry , u r not weak. u r not cryng on urself.
You cry coz a moment in past you were all right yet it all went wrong and It seemed to b the worstest moment of your life.

Ma moment in past when i was all wrong was when i thought i will neva have to come to this page to edit it.
But as they all comes down to where you started.
the world keeps spinning. today i rectify the mistake by coming here.
Coz running away is not the solution.
Coz der is nuthing better than to accept truth sumtimes
The Truth that hurts is the truth that heals. The moment in past that was right is all wrong now.



Break ups can fuck the shit outta teens.

So here's a message for my friend-

Dont pretend.
Let it out.
Dont worry of what the world will think.
Cry it out.
Pretending aint gonna help.
Share, cry.
Once the crying is over, you will be happy.
And that happiness is going to be REAL.