02 September 2009

Why bid adieu>?

[I got emo in class..that its da last year of school life..and ended up writing this it! :)]...


All the thirteen years , have passed in a second..
My school lifes gonna end..the very next moment!
I wanna relive those moments..those most wonderful times..
Life was so lovely...I culd freely jump and dance!

Why does this happiness have 2 cum 2 an end?
Why cant my sorrows..wait back for a mom-ent!
I so luv the corridor where we used to roam..
Me and my frndz..were the coolest people known!

Now when its ending..i realise its worth
No more longbreaks..and no more classroom flirts!
Roaming and bunking..gossiping and jumping!
I swear my whole school life..was rockingly lovely!

Some juniors, some seniors
Some sharing, some caring..
Some crushes, some heartbreaks!
Some late midnight texting!

Those cute football players..
Those tall bball hotties!
Those shawwties in jersies..
Those dear ones playing rugby!!

I love all of them..
Big deal that they crazy!
They made my life worth living..
Im leaving with extravagant memories! :)



  1. Lol..!!
    Ishiyetaa you are growing as a poet..^_^ Literalli..and I am luving it..!!Really dis poem makes me nostalgic :(
    and well yes I lyk d classroom flirts n d last para d best..!!
    and u really shud post it on FB sum day..You are really very gud..:) and yes I wnt to c more of dese ;)

  2. Oh. Thanks a ton! Even i luv that para!
    My school is really very dear 2 me!
    so i may as well express my feelings thru poems!:)

    Thnx for ur comments.
    You will surely see more of these in the coming future!

    Love much.

  3. You alreeady noe hw awesum tis is :)